Board approves $25K for newest tenant

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February 2, 2018
Temple Daily Telegram | Janice Gibbs

The Temple Health and Bioscience District board approved granting $25,000 in seed money to its newest tenant, Advance Scanners.

The board met Wednesday for its monthly meeting.

“We’re very excited about what you are doing and looking forward to a progress report,” said Thomas Baird, president of the Bioscience board of directors.

Advanced Scanners use proprietary scanner technology to improve visualization and data for surgeons during surgery.

Jeff Levine, co-founder and CEO of Advance Scanner, and Aaron Bernstein hired Lars Kuslich, the Temple Health and Bioscience District graduate intern, part time.

“We make bionic eyes for brain surgeons,” Levine said. “The reason that’s valuable is that during open brain surgery the brain changes shape.”

The surgical navigation system uses a static MRI, he said.

“We built a device that looks at the exposed brain during surgery and tracks sub millimeter changes to the brain’s surface and intuits how that affects the rest of the brain,” Levine said. “The eye will animate the MRI so it stays accurate.”

Wash Sense, the first tenant of the Temple Health and Bioscence District’s office and laboratory facility, are looking to expand their business in the Temple area, Tami Annable, director of the Bioscience District, reported.

Conner Dahlburg and Laura Ivanoski have had meetings with local business, executives and physicians.

WashSense Hand Hygiene system was developed to address the issue of health care-associated infections. The touchless device is installed at hand-washing sinks and hand sanitizer stations. Bluetooth technology measures the hand washing and provides administrators with group and department performances and overall facility patterns.

Ryan Quinn and Colin Dodson of SiMMo3D, another tenant, attended the Medical Device Summit Showcase last week at the Capital Factory in Austin.
SiMMo3D is dedicated to developing synthetic organ models for training surgeons, biomedical research and teaching medical students.

The Medical Device Summit, presented provides an opportunity to see the latest technologies, listen to industry leaders and experts in the medical device field, and participate in a forum where innovative companies share their technologies with investors and potential commercial partners.

The Summit also included The Medical Device Showcase, where 12 companies, including SiMMo3D, made pitches ranging from minimally invasive devices to digital hardware.

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