Bioscience District names interns

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June 2, 2018
Temple Daily Telegram | Janice Gibbs

Summer interns for the Temple Health and Bioscience District have been interviewed and began work Friday.

Emerging Biotechnologies will support two interns, Caitlin Stanke and Chatelle Alejandra. SiMMo3D will have George Robinson for its intern.

This information was part of the activities report delivered following the May THBD board meeting.

The 2018-2019 interns from Temple school district have been interviewed and will begin August 2018.

Brianna Miles will intern with Emerging Biotechnologies and Eric Brown will be working with SiMMo3D.

Tami Annable district executive director, said she had heard from Dr. Joseph Taube, assistant professor in biology at Baylor University.

Taube had received a grant to use the district’s nanoString counter. The nanoString technology is used by researchers to understand the genetic aspect of a disease. The science is used in basic research and allows investigators to take cells from a tumor and look at hundred of genes associated with the sample cell.

Taube reported that the preliminary data he obtained with the nanoString counter helped him receive three years of funding from Susan G. Komen Foundation.

“Thank you for supporting our work and for organizing this award opportunity,” Taube wrote.

Annable and Ashley Schlosser, with Live Out Loud PR, attended TechConnect in Anaheim, Calif.

They made 51 contacts, including three potential tenant companies.

“These were the startup companies trying to get grants from the government,” she said. “These are the companies we need.”

SABER, the third-place winner at the pitch competition at the District’s May symposium is interested in opening office in Temple.

The company is developing a programmable anti-microbial bandage — a device utilizing blue light mainly in the wavelength range of 400 to 470 nm, outside the range of UV light, for application on postoperative incisions and wound sites. It is designed to prevent bacterial contamination of the site, thus reducing the occurrence of surgical site infections.

During the month, Annable gave Philip Rocha, with the office of the governor, a tour of Temple.

She represented the district at the P20 meeting, where representatives of local business and industry discuss with the school districts what skills they are looking for in future employees.

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