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Bioscience board hears of scholars’ work

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July 1, 2018
Temple Daily Telegram | Janice Gibbs

The 2018 Temple Health and Bioscience District scholars and graduate intern were introduced at the district’s June board meeting.

Natalie Parks, Charley Edgar, Jenee Farrell and Paul Baker are part of the Texas A&M scholars program. Allison Thomas was unable to attend the meeting. Steven Jokerst is the 2018 graduate intern.

Farrell is a junior at Howard University and is originally from the Caribbean. Farrell is working with Heather Francis and is focusing on liver disease and looking at how stem cells affect the liver.

Farrell said she plans on becoming a pediatrician or gynecologist/physician.

Baker is a junior from Dallas and attends Texas State University. Baker is working with Gianfranco Alpini and is looking at how melatonin affects liver disease.

Baker is interested in becoming a family medicine physician.

Parks, a junior at Texas Tech University from Georgetown, is working with Rebecca DeMorrow and looking at galanin, a neuropeptide, and how it affects different types of liver cells and causes liver fibrosis.

Parks wants to be a sports medicine physician or a radiation oncologist.

“I’m still exploring that,” she said.

Edgar, a junior at Texas Christian University from Wichita, Kan., is working with David Dostal and is looking at the role melanin plays in heart failure.

Edgar is looking at becoming an oncologist or cardiologist.

Jokerst, a graduate student at Texas A&M from St. Louis, is working in Dostal’s lab. He’s working on a device to look at cells microscopically while under stress from stretching.

Jokerst would like to sell MRI-CT equipment and is looking at a position with Bioscience Webster, a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson that produces cardiac equipment.

Thomas who couldn’t attend the board meeting, is a junior biology major at Emory University. She is working with DeMarrow.

“It’s a pleasure to have you with us,” said Thomas Baird, district board chairman. “We’re proud and excited about your participation … we hope it’s something meaningful and it advances the areas of research that you are doing.”

The two businesses in the Bioscience District facility have some Texas Bioscience Institute students working with them this summer.

TBI students Chantelle Alejandra Cancel, Alana Ordonez and Caitlin Stanke are interning with Emerging Biotechnologies, while George Robinson will be working with SiMMo3D.

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