THBD is no longer giving grants. In the past, THBD has provided a variety of grants for local area researchers and physicians (including those in residency).

In 2017, tenant company SiMMo3D received a $20,000 grant in seed funding from THBD to launch its simulated, 3D-printed organ models for surgical planning, biomedical research and education.

Dr. Joseph Taube, assistant professor in biology at Baylor University recently received a grant in THBD in 2018 to use the district’s nanoString counter. The nanoString technology is used by researchers to understand the genetic aspect of a disease. The science is used in basic research and allows investigators to take cells from a tumor and look at hundred of genes associated with the sample cell.

Taube reported that the preliminary data he obtained with the nanoString counter helped him receive three years of funding from Susan G. Komen Foundation.

“Thank you for supporting our work and for organizing this award opportunity,” Taube shared. Read the full story on Temple Daily Telegram, written by Janice Gibbs. Dr. Taube and many others have been able to move forward with important research thanks to the support from THBD’s grant program.