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Students learn about Temple Health & Bioscience District

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December 12, 2019
FOX 44 News

Temple Independent School District students took a closer look at jobs in science, technology, engineering and math today. The four are also known together as STEM.

The school district partnered with Temple Health and Bioscience District Thursday. The district gave high school students a tour of their office and lab facility.

Inside, the students experienced real-life bioscience activities like learning to pipette, use a microscope to examine cancer cells and witness the use of 3D printing in healthcare.

“We enrich students’ lives by introducing them to lab equipment and ideas about entrepreneurship they would never have in the regular school system,” says Tami Annable, the Executive Director of the Temple Health & Bioscience District.

The partnership aims to get future generations interested in pursuing careers in STEM by sharing local resources.

Source: https://www.fox44news.com/about-us/meet-the-team-about-us/students-learn-about-temple-health-bioscience-district/

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