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Formed in 2003, the Temple Health and Bioscience District (THBD) is the only such district established in entire state of Texas. The legislation that formed THBD also mandated that THBD be run by a seven-member board.  As though 2020 were not already a record year, this will be the first time since its founding that THBD will hold a board election. All seven positions on the board are at-large and serve three-year staggered terms.

THBD’s mission is to grow twenty-first century jobs by fostering bioscience education, research, and healthcare in Central Texas. Sixteen years later that mission has been realized and continues to grow: seven active tenants utilize the lab space, offices, and networking connections with key collaborators in Temple and across the region. Additionally, THBD has helped three alumni companies graduate to the next steps in life science business development.

The advancements in research and development taking place at THBD are made possible through community support and strong leadership. Under the guidance of Executive Director Tami Annable and a seven-member Board of Directors, THBD makes waves to develop the economic sector of the life sciences industry in Temple. In 2009, Temple voters gave THBD taxing authority. As a public entity, the taxpayers of Temple have an opportunity to voice their opinions by voting for leadership of THBD.

The next THBD board election will be held on May 7, 2022.

2020 THBD Board Election Results

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Temple Bioscience District to hold first contested election
October 10, 2020
Temple Daily Telegram | Shane Monaco

The Temple Health and Bioscience District will hold its first contested election this November — despite having existed since 2003 and having the ability to tax residents of the district since 2009.

The race to fill four at-large board seats has drawn six people, including four incumbents.

In previous years, when one member of the board left, the other members would recommend someone to come in as a replacement.

Michael Norman, a member of the board who is running for reelection, said he was excited to see the district finally grow enough to have competition.

“Health care is by far the largest industry in the Temple community and is critical to the health of the greater Temple area,” Norman said. “As we navigate the difficulties of the COVID era, a healthy health care sector remains of paramount importance to Temple and Bell County as a whole. People should vote for this race and take an interest in supporting the Temple community’s health care industry by supporting a strong THBD.”

Norman, 47, is chief executive officer of the Atlanta-based bioscience company LivFul Inc. and has served on the board for the past five years.

Other incumbents seeking reelection are Brian Reinhardt, Tyler Johnson and Robert Cortes.

Cortes, chief executive officer and co-owner of Advanced LCM, said he was appointed in 2019 to fill an open seat and still feels he has work to do.

“My work has just begun,” Cortes said. “I would like to finish the work that has been started to create a Health Care and Bioscience ecosystem while incubating and accelerating Bioscience Companies.”

The two challengers for the seats are Jason Locklin and Damir Nizamutdinov.

Nizamutdinov, 40, is the associate director of Neuroscience Institute and Baylor Scott & White Health, Central Division, and an assistant professor in the College of Medicine at Texas A&M Health Science Center.

Nizamutdinov, who was born in Uzbekistan but now lives in Temple, said he believes he can bring a new perspective to the board.

“I want to be elected to serve people because I believe we can do better for our community with my biomedical background and expertise added to the table,” Nizamutdinov said. “I was fortunate to serve and represent different groups of people in my life with a goal to do my best to make things better than before me.”

Locklin, 44, is a professor of biology and a department chair at Temple College. He also serves as the managing editor of The Texas Journal of Science, the research journal of the Texas Academy of Science.

Locklin said he wants to be elected to help support the growth of local scientific research and businesses looking to move into the area.

“I’m a product of Temple — having grown up here, graduated from the Temple Independent School District and Temple College systems, and now live here today where I educate the next generation of our Temple students,” Locklin said. “Being a trained scientist, I’m hoping to bring oversight to the district’s business through a scientific lens, support bioscience research and education endeavors that impact Temple, facilitate bioscience economic development in our city, and, frankly, to be a strong force for science on the board.”

Both Tyler Johnson and Brian Reinhardt did not respond to the Telegram by press time.


THBD Drawing of the Ballot 2020

The next board election will take place on Nov. 3, 2020 in Temple, Texas. Reference the Notice of General Election for details about the election and polling locations in Bell County.

Please reference the THBD Drawing Ballot Notice for details about the drawing which took place on February 20, 2020, to determine candidates’ place on the ballot. Please see the Drawing of Names for the Temple Health and Bioscience District Board of Directors Election and results below:

The first date to file for the election was January 15, 2020 and the final date was February 14, 2020. Please reference the Notice of Deadline to File Applications for Place on the Ballot for additional details.

Learn more about the THBD Board of Directors here.

Please see the reelection date for each board member below:

Thomas Baird, Chairman of the Board | 2022
Michael Norman, Vice Chair | 2020
Gregg Strasburger | 2022
Brian Reinhardt | 2020
John Kiella | 2022
Robert Cortes Jr. MD | 2020

Board Election Documents

Internet Posting Requirements for Political Subdivisions

Texas HB305 – English
Texas HB305 – Spanish

Each of the following documents must be completed by individuals wishing to run for election. Documents must be submitted to Temple Health and Bioscience District by February 14, 2020.