A message from Executive Director Tami Annable

Dear Friends,

Here at the Temple Health and Bioscience District (THBD), our mission is to grow twenty-first century jobs by fostering bioscience education, research and healthcare in Central Texas. One year in from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, our team has shifted the ways we serve so that our community can continue to benefit, but from a safe distance and with precaution. We continue to follow COVID-19 safety protocols and wear masks.

Please note:

THBD wants to let you know how much we appreciate the sacrifices each and everyone of you are making to keep our communities safe. Thank you to all of the tireless medical personnel who are putting themselves at risk everyday to save lives. COVID-19 has brought the world together with a singular sense of purpose.

I invite you to explore the resources below to help navigate the current challenges we face. We will overcome this pandemic and be stronger for it.


Tami Annable
Executive Director
Temple Health and Bioscience District

(254) 935-3963


COVID-19 Vaccines in Bell County, Texas

Need to schedule your COVID-19 vaccine? Learn everything you need to know and schedule now with help from Temple Community Clinic.

COVID-19 Resources

As we strive to stay up-to-date on the rapidly changing global situation, many resources are available for Texas residents and business owners. Explore and utilize these health care, financial and local news outlets.

U.S. Small Business Administration
Coronavirus (COVID-19): Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources

State of Texas: Coronavirus Resources for Business
Texas Economic Development, Office of the Governor

For best practice safety guidelines, visit

Texas Workforce Commission Employer Hotline: (800) 832-9394

Texas Workforce Commission  https://www.twc.texas.gov/contact-information

Opportunities for Innovators

We have the tools to provide the medical equipment in need with 3D printers, laboratory facilities and modern technology. Join innovative thinkers in the mission to save lives and save our community.

The COVID-19 ATX Exchange (ATXCE) is an online portal for smart minds in technology, health and engineering to come up with creative solutions to the challenges we face ahead. The exchange is a project of Dell Medical School at The University of Texas in collaboration with Austin Public Health and other community partners. Behind the scenes, they are bringing together experts, innovators and leaders from across our community to help us vet, triage and coordinate needs and close the loop with the requesting organizations amidst COVID-19.

Now that you may find yourself with more time to explore and learn, it is the perfect time to engage with THBD’s E-Learning Series Webinars. Engage and learn with recent webinar topics for small businesses and startups on our website. Learn about IP protection, prototyping, navigating the marketplace and more!

Join our LinkedIn group that was created to help health and life science startups, entrepreneurs, and ecosystem supports find helpful and relevant information in the Central Texas area during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Created by Capital City Innovation, a non-profit facilitating the emergence of Austin’s Innovation District, the group formed through a partnership with organizations across Central Texas that want to see the communities we serve survive and create pathways to resilience.

Supporting organizations include STAR Park at Texas State, ACC Bioscience Incubator, Texas Health CoLab at Dell Medical School, MedtoMarket, Austin Technology Incubator, Drug Dynamic Institute, and Temple Health and Bioscience District.