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Bioscience board approves study, reschedules election

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March 29, 2020
Temple Daily Telegram | By Janice Gibbs

The Temple Health and Bioscience District board will be working with Newmark Knight Frank of San Antonio to map out Temple’s health ecosystem, which includes strategic planning for interconnected stakeholders that offer complimentary missions.

The District’s board approved paying Newmark Knight Frank no more than $150,000.

The Bioscience District board met last week using video conferencing.

The board approved moving its board election to Nov. 3. The election will be on the regular ballot that includes national and state elections.

“This will do two things, it will allow people to get through the first phase of the coronavirus pandemic,” said board president Thomas Baird. “It gives us time to coordinate the election with other entities and share the cost.”

The Bioscience Board voted to cancel the 2020 summer scholars’ intern program.

Typically, the student scholars are placed with medical and science researchers for the summer.

“The professionals, the scientists, the physicians and the institutions where we normally place students cannot accommodate the scholars,” Baird said.

“The District can’t be responsible for putting the students at risk,” Tami Annable, executive director of the Bioscience District, said.

The warranty for the Leica Microdissection System was discussed.

The Leica Microdissection System is a piece of equipment available to researchers in the District’s facility common lab. Using a laser, the microscope can isolate a single cell from a piece of tissue.

The cost of renewing the warranty of one year is $17,122.13, while the four-year cost is $58,215.23.

A researcher from Dell Medical School has used the Leica, Annable said.

Michael Norman suggested that a value assessment on the usage of the equipment over the past several years be conducted and then it can be determined whether to continue maintaining it.

The board approved purchasing a one-year warranty.

A budget workshop also was held.

A number of budget item costs were reduced, such as conference attendance, lab equipment and supplies. Salaries remain the same, and money allotted to interior design was removed.

The District had been giving tenants $5,000 each for conferences that have now been removed.

Baird said he wanted to start the budget process early and look where costs could be reduced.

“This is just a place to start,” he said.

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