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Temple: Students learn hands on at area lab

By December 12, 2019 No Comments

December 12, 2019
KWTX | By Megan Vanselow

A dozen students from Temple ISD toured the Temple Health and Bioscience District Thursday.

Students had the opportunity to participate in real-life bioscience activities including the use of a 3-D printer, learning to pipette and examining cancer cells.

Temple Health and Bioscience District says part of its mission is to foster bioscience education in the community to grow 21st century jobs.

It has partnered with Temple ISD to encourage future generations of students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering or math.

“The goal is to give them a possibility so we talk a little bit of tissue culture, talk about research and 3-D printing (and) give a physics lesson. So it’s all about just opening their eyes so they know that after they finish schooling, there is this light at the end of the rainbow that they can jump on if they want,” Executive Director, Tami Annable said.

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