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A Bright Future for Bioscience in Temple, Texas

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January 3, 2020
Austin Startups | By Lauren Lovell, Temple Health & Bioscience District

As part of Temple Health and Bioscience District’s (THBD) mission to grow twenty-first century jobs by fostering bioscience education, research and healthcare in Central Texas, the team at THBD hosted high school students from Temple Independent School District (TISD) for a tour of the office and laboratory facility this month.

“Temple ISD is a forward-thinking district and we’re proud to work with them. The bright minds touring our facility are the bioscience innovators of tomorrow. We want to inspire children by showing them that biotech careers are thriving right here in their own home town. These are achievable dreams, and our goal as a bioscience incubator is to help make those dreams reality through education, mentorship, and access to technology.” — Tami Annable, THBD Executive Director.

During the tour, students experienced real-life bioscience activities in the lab from THBD staff and THBD tenant companies including SiMMo3D, a 3D-printed medical device replica company. In addition to learning to pipette, students used the incubator’s microscope to examine cancer cells and witness applications of 3D printing in healthcare.

The 5,000 square foot office and laboratory facility opened up its common lab to students. In the common lab is a wealth of specialized equipment including a J750 3D printer and an Instron machine for product testing and prototyping. The students were able to gain hands-on experience in the lab with goggles and lab coats on as they created their own 3D-printed items to take home.

THBD partners with Temple Independent School District (TISD) to encourage future generations of students to pursue careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields. By sharing local resources with students, THBD propels the growth of Central Texas’ thriving biotech corridor.

About Temple Health and Bioscience District (THBD)

The Temple Health and Bioscience District (THBD) was created as a result of legislation passed by the State of Texas in 2003 and approved by Temple voters to establish the facility in 2009. The THBD Office and Laboratory Facility provides premier office and lab space for early-stage biotech companies that are taking health-related products from conception to manufacturing. Temple’s Health and Bioscience District is governed by a seven-member board. The board members are elected by the citizens of Temple and serve staggered three-year terms. The operational activities of the District are led by an Executive Director who is appointed by the board.

To learn more, visit: TempleBioScience.org.

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