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The Gifts THBD Gives All Year Round

By December 20, 2019 No Comments

This holiday season, the entire team at Temple Health and Bioscience District (THBD) wants to thank supporters, citizens of Temple, tenants, leadership and friends of THBD for another successful year in 2019. As the team looks forward to another year of medical device and technological advancements in 2020, the horizon is bright. With support from the Temple community, we look forward to an exciting year ahead with more networking and partnering with local resources than ever before to propel health-related innovation from concept to commercialization in our incubator.

The team at THBD celebrates this holiday season by looking back at the gifts that are offered year-round by THBD for anyone interested in health-related fields and STEM education. From free monthly webinars to THBD’s annual Symposium and Pitch Competition, THBD offers regular opportunities for startup companies and entrepreneurs to engage and learn. These are the gifts THBD gives to Temple and the surrounding healthcare and health tech communities all year long.

THBD Lunch & Learn Webinars

On the last Tuesday of each month, THBD hosts a Lunch and Learn webinar featuring helpful topics on how to develop and launch a health-related product or business. We meet presenters at conferences and through our strong Central Texas connections, and carefully review topics to ensure we provide the most helpful information for attendees. Although the presenters are not usually live in Temple, we host a lunch and project the webinar, which can also be tuned into online.

Our Lunch and Learn webinars are free and open to everyone. You can learn more at our website, templebioscience.org, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @TempleHBD for more information and updates and monthly events. Also check out THBD’s YouTube channel to see past webinars (link on the website).

In addition to our monthly webinar, we are proud to live stream Dell Medical School’s Monthly Learning Series on the last Thursday of each month. Similar to our webinar format, this presentation shares advice from medical and technical experts from The University of Texas at Austin. Learning series events are also free to attend and are streamed live in the THBD conference room.

THBD’s Annual Symposium and Pitch Competition

Our monthly webinar resources are the consistent fuel that keeps Central Texas innovators on track. But our largest, most anticipated event of the year is the THBD Annual Symposium and Pitch Competition, a full-day conference with engaging panels, programming and a pitch competition to inspire and educate entrepreneurs and startup companies in health-related fields. The annual conference is and always will be free to attend.

Now in its fourth year, THBD hosts this annual conference and pitch competition as a resource for those seeking startup assistance and networking opportunities. During the conference, we welcome notable, experienced speakers in the medical technology, medical device, biotechnology and health tech spaces who work with startups and investors to share their expertise. The conference offers multiple opportunities to network with key industry contacts and concludes with a pitch competition for early stage startups in the biotechnology/health-related industries.

The 2020 Annual Symposium and Pitch Competition will be held on Sept. 18, 2020. Please visit templebioscience.org to learn more and stay tuned for additional details.

Temple, Texas has provided a supportive home with ample resources, thanks to the medical and educational institutions housed within city limits. It is an honor to give back to the community by providing learning and networking opportunities that bring citizens and visitors alike to partake in the progressive developments that are taking place here. We look forward to another accomplished year of taking innovation in Central Texas to new heights in 2020.

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