Staying Strong Amid COVID-19

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The mission of the Temple Health and Bioscience District (THBD) is to grow twenty-first century jobs by fostering bioscience education, research and healthcare in Central Texas. In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, the THBD team is shifting the ways we serve so that our community can continue to benefit, but from a safe distance with precaution. Our thoughts go out to all of those already impacted by this pandemic. The THBD team encourages the community to utilize resources such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and local trusted news outlets to stay well informed.

Please note: THBD will be closed to the public until further notice; Visitors are invited to take a virtual tour of the lab on our website; To limit undue risk of coronavirus exposure, the THBD E-Learning Series will be conducted ONLINE ONLY until further notice. Learn more at templebioscience.org/programs.

Thank you to the tireless medical personnel who put themselves at risk every day on the front lines to save lives, and thank you to our community for the everyday sacrifices we are all making to keep our community safe. COVID-19 has brought the world together with a singular sense of purpose. We will overcome this pandemic and be stronger for it.

Monitoring MedTech Advancements in Temple

Whether you have lived in Temple for years or are just getting to know our growing city, you are sure to have noticed the influx of medical and technology jobs across the city. Last year, Temple was recognized by Smart Asset as a “Top 10 City to Work in Tech,” thanks to affordable cost of living and comparatively high wages. As the biotech industry in Central Texas continues to flourish, one local startup is pushing the limits of possibility and pioneering new medical technology.

In 2019, Stan Marett, President of MR3 Health, Inc., met THBD Executive Di-rector Tami Annable at THBD’s Annual MedTech Startup Symposium and Pitch Competition. Marett opted to attend the annual symposium and participate in the pitch competition. During this competition in Temple, individuals were given five minutes to present a new product they hope to bring to market. The judging panel of entrepreneurs, healthcare and medical device experts awarded Marett and MR3 Health third place in the competition.

After the competition, Marett wanted to learn more about what the only tax-payer-funded nonprofit bioscience incubator in Texas has to offer. During a tour, he realized THBD’s proximity to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Baylor Scott and White made the incubator an ideal place for MR3 Health.

Designed to help proactively connect physicians and patients through remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices, MR3 Health aims to prevent complications associated with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension and congestive heart failure. The devices monitor patients daily to identify and communicate alerts to the patient and their healthcare provider to indicate the possibility of a high-risk event.

Now a tenant at THBD, Marett hopes to work with doctors and patients in the Temple area to provide RPM services and create a strategic relationship with Baylor Scott and White that can be replicated in other areas. Additionally, MR3 Health aims to engage with the VA for studies that can help to improve new products and services.

In December 2019, MR3 Health was recognized as a “Top 10 Patient Monitoring Pioneer” by MD Tech Review. This national distinction recognized MR3’s foot sensor, TempTouchTM infrared dermal thermometer. The device takes temperature readings and uploads them to cloud-based technology to track changes and alert physicians of any problems. Marett and his team optimized the product for today’s market by enabling Bluetooth technology and a smartphone app to make the technology accessible and effortless for patients to use.

While offering financially accessible products for patients and providers is top-of-mind, so is patient compliance. Readings are only measurable if taken by the patient. Rather than relying on patients to remember to check their readings, MR3 Health pings patients who miss a daily reading and transmits early alerts to clinicians.

“We are partners in healthcare,” says Marett. “As we grow, we will continue to ensure patients have accessible tools to track their own health and improve their outcomes. We look forward to continuing our research and building upon valuable partnerships in Temple to help patients and providers manage care effectively. We are excited to be part of the Temple Health and Bioscience eco-system. We look forward to growing our presence in Temple.”

Source: April 2020 Temple Chamber Focus on Business

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