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Bioscience district cuts 3D printer software to save $27,000

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July 24, 2020
Temple Daily Telegram | Shane Monaco

The Temple Health and Bioscience District will now save thousands of dollars in taxpayer money after cutting unused software Thursday.

Members of the district voted Thursday to approve not renewing a contract with a 3D printer software due to its lack of use. The move will save the district more than $27,000, which accounts for about 2.25 percent of the district’s annual budget.

The software was being used by a startup, SiMMo3D, which was a part of the district until it left due to the coronavirus.

“Since the software will no longer be utilized to its full potential, the cost was no longer warranted,” Tami Annable, executive director of the district, said. “At THBD, we are meticulous with our funds and make sure every dollar spent is spent for good reason and has a purpose. If there becomes a need in the future for the software, we can certainly relicense it.”

The software, Materialize Mimics Base, was a series of programs that increased the specificity of a model when it was being 3D printed.

District officials said this software was useful for some medical device projects that they were participating in. The software can take MRI or CAT scan images of an object and turn it into a file usable by 3D printers.

Annable said the software was also valuable as a teaching tool for both college and high school students working with these printers.

While the program’s license will no longer be renewed, the district said startup companies within its common laboratory can still use its 3D printer in which the software was not a critical component of.

Due to the effects of the coronavirus, the district is looking at ways it can significantly cut its budget in order to burden residents with fewer taxes. The district said it aims to get the most out of the tax money it receives as possible.

“(The district’s) aim is to take the lowest tax rate possible so that, in the current economic climate, we are not a burden for Temple citizens,” Annable said. “We are reviewing all programs to make sure the taxpayer dollars are getting the most value for the money spent.”

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