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Temple students interning at Bioscience district

By October 26, 2018 No Comments

October 26, 2018
Temple Daily Telegram | Janice Gibbs

Temple Health and Bioscience Health District board members met the two Temple High interns who are working at the district’s incubator for 15 hours a week. The internship lasts for 36 weeks.

The board met on Wednesday.

Brianna Miles, a senior, has plans to become a cardiovascular surgeon.

“The biggest thing I’ve learned here is to trust yourself,” she told the board. “Dr. (David) Sprague, has been helpful when I feel like I didn’t do something right. He’s very comforting.”

Sprague is CEO and co-founder of Orion Institute for Translational Medicine and Emergent Technologies and has an office and lab in the District’s office and lab facility.

Eric Brown is senior and wants to attend University of Texas at San Antonio and study entrepreneurship.

“Probably the biggest thing I’ve learned here is that networking is key,” Brown said.

Brown said he had wanted to start a music company, but the internship has opened his eyes to the many possibilities.

“I love it here, it’s probably the best thing I’ve been introduced to in my life,” he said.

Ashley Schlosser, public relations consultant, reported that the webinars the district sponsors each month have increased the district’s social media profile.

Interacting with groups like BioAustin and Capitol City Innovations drives traction online, particularly on Twitter, Schlosser said.

Schlosser is also redoing the District’s web page, which will include a virtual tour of the facility, including the common lab and its equipment.

Tami Annable, executive director of the District, gave a tenant activity report.

SiMMo3D, simulated medical models, will begin a pilot study at St. David’s Hospital in November.

Advanced Scanners will participate in the DEMO Day for Texas Health Catalyst, the accelerator program at Dell Medical School in Austin.

Advanced Scanners uses proprietary scanner technology to improve visualization and data used by surgeons during surgery. Their project is a 3D Machine Vision System for surgical navigation of the human brain.

Emergent Technologies has hired a part-time employee to assist with research.

Annable will be meeting with Bruce Mullen, COO of Orthomend, a startup company from Philadelphia, which has received the exclusive license for dissolvable screw made with Nano-Diamonds. Mullen has a second startup company, NeuEsse, which makes artificial skin from soybean. This application would be used for bedsores, diabetic wounds, cancer sores and more.

The district’s October Lunch and Learn — Five Productive Hacks to Launching New Products — will be noon to 1 p.m. Tuesday.

Spencer Parikh of EntraPoint and Rebecca Knuth of Splurge will be the speakers.

Participants will learn how to indentify high value customer segments, quickly validate new product idea, effectively hire and manage remote technical teams, rapidly complete tasks using gig-based websites and using a program manager approach to accelerate plans.

To participate in the Lunch and Learn event, RSVP to tamia@templebioscience.org by 3 p.m. Monday. To join online, via phone, visit bit.ly/LL103018.

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