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Meet THBD’s Own Intern-Turned-Startup-Employee George

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Pictured above: George in the SiMMo3D office located inside the Temple Health & Bioscience District, THBD

It is not every day you run across a go-getter student who takes time to not only bring his passion to work every day, but also his curiosity and thirst for learning to any project he pursues. Even more amazing, this student, our intern, is in high school! Students like our very own intern, George Robinson, are taking our standard for our intern program to the next level.

This week, George graduated from Troy High School and earned his associate degree, all while working at the Temple Health & Bioscience District (THBD). By enrolling alongside other high school students at Temple College’s Texas Bioscience Institute (TBI), George has earned 64 college credit hours and completed all his basic academics, including chemistry and calculus. However, George’s impressive achievements are not limited to solely academic.

Last summer, George joined THBD as a TBI intern and was assigned to work with SiMMo3D, a tenant startup expanding the knowledge of physicians by providing cost-effective training simulators to drive the adoption of emerging biomedical technologies. SiMMo3D develops training simulators for surgeons, which are more practical to acquire and more cost-effective than cadavers. As an intern, George used computer assisted design (CAD) to build a compact board for the apparatus that is used as a training device of a heart procedure.

After completing his poster ceremony, a right of passage most students do not experience until their final years of undergraduate or even graduate study, George realized he was not ready to end his journey with THBD and SiMMo3D. He continued to work with SiMMo3D while completing high school and his associate degree, concepting, designing and rendering the 3D models used for simulation. He has also had the opportunity to attend webinars, learning series events, and THBD’s annual medtech conference and pitch competition.

George says interning and working for THBD has been an “excellent opportunity,” especially for a young student of physics. “Being surrounded by the startup environment allows you to focus on what might be possible,” said George. “Having learned so much about entrepreneurship, I now wouldn’t want to do anything else!”

After graduation, George plans to complete his undergraduate education within two years. His passion for physics has led him to ponder career paths in energy progression, as well as the defense industry. We are sure George will go far, and we hope he will come full circle to rejoin Temple’s growing biotech community!

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