To be an effective business leader and entrepreneur today, you must be well-versed in all functions. This includes everything from cloud-based tech stacks, to options on go-to-market, to data-driven customer experiences. In addition, you must know how to clearly communicate with investors, legal, customers, vendors, media and technical teams. It can be overwhelming!

Learn five key productivity hacks from serial entrepreneurs, Spencer Parikh and Rebecca Knuth. With years of experience, Spencer and Rebecca’s diverse backgrounds provide unique perspectives on the reality of starting a new business and how to build an app from the ground up. They will share stories and solutions for:

1. Identifying high-value customer segments

2. Quickly validating your new product idea

3. Effectively hiring and managing remote technical teams

4. Rapidly completing tasks using gig-based websites

5. Using a “Program Manager” approach to accelerate plans

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